We want to be as clear as possible about the condition of the stamps you are buying, so we hope the following guide will help you.

Stamps listed as Mint in the title are always unmounted, with original gum.
These listings may contain multiple quantities in stock – please note that if the picture shows stamps with gutters, we cannot guarantee that the stamps you receive will have gutters, although we do try and amend the pictures to reflect the stamps you will actually be buying.
We will also mention if there is any disturbance to the glue, which we believe has happened during printing, rather than from mounting.
Stamps issued without gum will be stated in the listing

Stamps listed as Mounted Mint, will have been mounted at some point.
We will list whether they have been light, medium, or heavily mounted, and we will often show a picture of the reverse. If no reverse picture is present, please feel free to ask.

Stamps Listed as Used will have a postmark on them.
The stamps pictured in the listing will be the stamps you are buying, with the postmark as shown. If you have a particular requirement for your used stamps, such as a particular postmark, please contact us.

Stamps listed as Space Fillers.
Generally, these stamps will be copies of hard to obtain stamps, which are not in very good condition. The quality of the faults will be reflected in the price. They will have anything from small defects, bent or missing perfs, foxing, small tears, thinning or may have been trimmed. They will always be the stamp pictured (whether mint or used) and will have an accurate description of the amount/type of faults with the stamp.

Stamps listed as No Gum
These stamps will have been issued with gum on them, but this gum is no longer present.