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A stamp collectors glossary.  We all have to start somewhere, and we hope this helps you out. The beauty with stamp collecting – is that you never stop learning. Even experienced collectors have gaps in their knowledge, and this is becoming the case more, as larger numbers of collectors specialise in narrower areas.

What’s a Perfin?

What's a Perfin? 1

In philately (stamp collecting) a perfin is a stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft. The name is a contraction of perforated initials or perforated insignia. They are also sometimes called SPIFS (Stamps Perforated with Initials of Firms and Societies. In 1868 Great Britain became the first country to […]

Stamp collecting for beginners

Stamp collecting for beginners 2

Collecting stamps can be a rewarding hobby at any level of skill or expense. A beginner or child can be perfectly happy with an album of pretty pictures from any country. An advanced collector can be enthralled with a detailed study of a single stamp, or by the challenge of tracking down the last stamp […]